What led me to this "dream come true"? As a high school student in the 70's, I attended one of the first "Innovation" schools in the country, The Center for Self Directed Learning at New Trier East High School in Winnetka, Illinois. This experience is what has driven not only my career in education, but a lifelong love of learning and leading. As a special educator for 15 years I decided to take my expertise to the typical classroom and completed my masters in literacy. I spent 4 years teaching second grade and 4 years in kindergarten and loved every minute of it. My passion, creativity and leadership skills have led me to know that together, with a community that shares the same vision and mission, we can instill and succeed in developing that same passion and creativity in all students. As a school leader and teacher, it is the hands-on, brains-on experiences that I can't wait to see every student engaged in, excited about, reflecting on and excelling at.



I am a Denver native, who attended Samuels Elementary, Cole Middle School and Thomas Jefferson High School.  (Go Spartans!)  All of which are DPS schools. I am a father of 3 wonderful boys ages 4, 7 and 8.  I have a beautiful wife of 10 years who will edit this work and make it much better than I ever could have. I play ice hockey every weekend. I am learning the guitar and I have a tendency to take on projects that lead to very expensive lessons. I taught for 16 years in Denver Public Schools in a variety of positions including Principal, Assistant Principal, Paraprofessional, AN Center teacher, and Technology teacher.  I am excited to be a Technology teacher and lead partner for the Denver Green School. I think we have an opportunity to break down barriers and create something that brings a wide variety of people together with a sense of belonging.  I fully expect our community to become a national beacon for 21st century learning, sustainable living and renewable energy.