Field Studies

At DGS we work hard to achieve and excel in academics, but we also believe in bringing the "real world" into our classrooms. This year, we launched our “Field Studies” program. This program has been a dream of the founding partners since the beginning of the school and by getting our students outside of the classroom and into the community we are one step closer to achieving that dream.

As part of the Field Studies program, teachers connect classroom learning to the real-world through "hands-on, brains-on" lessons. Each trip is connected to a learning objective, and students are writing, reading and researching about each of their excursions. Different grade levels have different goals, but the objective remains the same: for authentic learning to occur, we must leave the classroom. It’s our first year of the program, and while we are just getting started, we believe the sky is the limit.

Students are taking local trips to places like Rocky Mountain Arsenal, local farms, the State Capitol, the Denver Zoo, and many local parks. Many students will go on longer journeys including overnight camping trips in the mountains. 

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See pictures from our recent excursions and find out more here.  

When is sledding not just sledding? 

When 3rd graders set up time trials and calculate speed and connect their time trails to what they are learning in Math class.
Mr. Jaquette and Ms. Mundt braved the chilly temps last week to take their students sledding, but it wasn't like any sledding trip they had been on before, they were timing each other, tracking their speeds, making predictions and bringing it all back to math class. It's the DGS way to do sledding.