Hiring the Next Lead Partners at DGS

As you are probably aware, Craig Harrer and Mimi Diaz have announced that this will be their last year at DGS. While this news comes with tremendous sadness, it also comes with excitement for the road that lies ahead as we work to find the right leaders to help take DGS into the next five years. As founding partners, Craig and Mimi have been an integral part of the DGS community for the past 8 years, and their hard work helped make the DGS dream become a reality. To be clear, filling their shoes will be no easy task, but we see this opportunity as what the partnership is designed to do--have a team of strong support lead DGS in a time of transition, rather than there be a single leader who we could not replace.

To make this transition as successful as possible, the Partners worked hard to develop a succession plan for how we would work to hire a new Lead Partner, or in this case, two Lead Partners.  To accomplish this goal, it is the recommendation of the Partners that we move Kartal Jaquette through an internal hiring process for one of the Lead Partner positions and conduct a national search to fill the other Lead Partner position.  The process for Kartal will be an authentic process that will consist of an interview with the Search Committee, a Parent Forum and then an interview with our Instructional Superintendents and then DPS Superintendent, Tom Boasberg. It is our goal to have this process completed by winter break. The second process (for the external candidate) will be a separate and simultaneous process that will include many phases with the goal of having him or her hired by March 1st, 2015 to start officially during Summer 2015. We will most certainly involve teachers, students and parents in these processes. If you have any questions throughout this process, please see Frank Coyne, who is chairing the search committee.  

We want to be transparent and informative throughout this process, and to that end we have created a FAQ sheet to help keep you as informed as possible. Click here to see these Frequently Asked Questions.

What we seek: We are looking for a passionate leader who will embody our mission, vision and values everyday. We seek  a leader who is prepared to leverage our unique Innovation status within Denver Public Schools. This leader must be eager to collaborate as a member of the DGS partnership to shape policy in all areas. The partnership is the founding governance body for the school, and this is a key difference between DGS and typical “top-down” school models. While the Lead Partner is an administrator in the eyes of the district, the Lead Partner is a collaborator with and leader of the partnership that DGS has established as it’s foundation. At our core, we are a teacher-led school and we seek an educational leader who will work to sustain and grow the learning environment we have built, for both students and adults. DGS is proud to have created a vibrant learning environment that respects all students’ needs. This includes English language learners, special education, gifted and talented and two autism center-based programs. This level of inclusion has become a hallmark of our school. We seek a leader committed to diversity and one who is excited to develop and implement systems and structures that uphold our mission and support our students and our community. Click here for the link to the job description.

How to Apply for the Lead Partner Position: Please send your resume, cover letter, and educational philosophy statement to DGS hiring secretary, Charmaine Gallegos at charmaine_gallegos@dpsk12.org as soon as possible. Please note that you will need to have a current Colorado Principal License or be approved through the DPS hiring process for administrators beginning in January 2015.  The DPS administrator hiring process is in addition to the hiring process that will take place for Denver Green School.

The Search Committee is comprised of the following members of the DGS Community: 
Classified staff: Vanessa Ferrel and Chris Williams 
Parent/Community members:  Donna Pate, Jen Jackson and Colin Bane
Partners: Allen Potter, Jose Piza, and Sydney Schoonmaker 
Chair: Frank Coyne, Lead Partner