Round 2 of SchoolChoice will open on May 1. Round 2 is the first-come, first-served segment for families who missed Round 1; took part in Round 1 but want to re-explore their options; or are new to DPS for next school year.


All choice applications will be processed online ONLY, no paper application will be available. In order to prepare for the online process, be sure to have your username and password from Parent Portal. If you need help in retrieving that information, please call the office. Using your same credentials will make the choice process a lot easier and quicker


DPS is introducing an online, mobile-friendly tool which families will use to submit your SchoolChoice application. Because of this change to an online application process, lots of resources will be available for families, including the SchoolChoice telephone hotline (720)423-3493, access to computer labs and technical support here at DGS. This new tool will be available once the Choice process opens on February 1st.

The links listed below will help you with the online School Choice process. 

SchoolChoice Navigation: is a tool to help you navigate through the online SchoolChoice process

Outreach Calendar: A calendar for families that want more assistance with the SchoolChoice process

Create a Parent Portal: If your student is a current DPS student you must have a Parent Portal to begin the SchoolChoice Process.

Please call the Choice office if you have any questions at 720-423-3493 You can also email, or visit