Dress Code For Summer

As the warmer weather approaches, the time for summer clothing has arrived. We would like to remind parents and students of the school policies regarding dress code. Student dress code requirements should adhere to the following expectations: No open-toed shoes. (This means, no sandals, flip-flops, crocs, high heels or slippers), no spaghetti straps or tank top straps less than three fingers wide, no short shorts. When child’s arm is hanging down they cannot be touching skin on his/her legs, no bare midriffs when arms are raised. No low cut shirts/blouses, and no lycra/spandex, shorts, stretch pants or sweatpants or torn blue jeans.

These policies are in place for the respect and comfort of our staff and students. Students who do not meet dress code requirements will be asked to change or to call a parent for an appropriate change of clothing. Thank you for helping us to foster a respectful environment at DGS.