DPS Strike Information

As many of you have probably seen in the news, DPS teachers have begun their strike on Monday February 11th. There may be negotiations that take place in the coming days to end the strike, however, DGS is planning to operate as best we can while a strike is happening.  Here is what you need to know:

  • How to Know?: Tune to your local news or DPS website to learn the latest news and strike updates.

  • K-8 Open: DGS will be open during the strike. We are planning for students to be in attendance.

  • ECE Closed: ECE will be closed. DPS has decided to close ALL ECE classrooms during a strike.  If a strike happens, this means there will be NO SCHOOL for our ECE class starting Monday, February 11th until the strike is over. This is due to licensing issues as ECE operates as a separate entity within DPS.

  • Conferences: Conferences, which were scheduled for this week (of February 11th). However, we will cancel conferences during the strike. If a deal is reached and the strike ends conferences will be rescheduled by the teachers once the strike has ended.

  • More Information: See the Thursday Folder and the DPS website for the latest news and updates.


Welcome to Denver Green School

DGS is an Innovation School located in Southeast Denver. We are in our 9th year, and while that means we have been around a little while now, we still feel like we have so much growing and learning to do. That is good, because we are a school after all. Yet, in our short existence, we do have quite a lot to be proud of: we are a National Green Ribbon School award winner and for the past seven years, DGS has been identified as both a "high-performing" and "high-growth" school. This year we are particularly proud of getting our highest rating in our history on the School Performance Framework, the state report card for schools. Click here to read more about our SPF success.

In addition to our academic success, we are proud of our "hands-on, brains-on" approach to learning where students get outside the classroom and bring learning to life. DGS is a school that focuses on integrating our sustainability curriculum with core content standards and you don't have to look far to see all the evidence of our success. We invite you to explore what makes DGS such a special place.

DGS is Hiring

DGS prides itself on being an innovative, successful school with a great culture. Open positions for the 2019-2020 school year are posted. Job descriptions will be updated as positions are filled. Apply now, if interested.

Click here to read about our open positions.

DGS Teacher Appreciation


Pictures from Community Day, Spring 2018

Click here to access pictures from the event.




DGS in the News

This Spring Denver Green School was highlighted by DPS for our Innovative practices driving student success. Click here to see the news article about how DGS is leading the way for Innovation Denver.