The Denver Green School has always embraced physical education as an essential element of creating well-balanced learners for the future.  As our school continues to grow, we are proud to be home to a budding athletics program in the middle school, a field studies program that has resulted in outstanding academic growth for its participants, and an exemplary physical education program embedded both during and after school hours.

Middle School Athletics

At DGS, we embrace and encourage all of our students' interests including playing traditional sports.  In partnership with the Denver Public Schools Prep League, DGS offers the following team sports throughout the year:

Early Fall: Cross Country, Boys Soccer

Late Fall: Volleyball, Flag Football

Winter: Basketball

Spring: Girls Soccer

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Physical Education and After School Programming

The Denver Green School offers one of the most diverse and rich physical education programs in the area. Students participate in programs from fencing to dance to skateboarding, all the while integrating high level language and being held to high academic standards for each area of study. This programming continues after school hours with optional clubs including mountain biking and climbing.

A word from our physical education teacher:

"As an outdoor enthusiast, I am honored to be teaching at the Denver Green School.  I couldn’t think of a better place to combine my appreciation for nature with my passion for activity.  I enjoy helping each and every student find joy and excitement through movement.  It is my goal that all my students race home from school excited to get outside and play." -Greg Parker