Leadership Model

Denver Green School has a partnership leadership model. We have three lead partners who share responsibility for leading as opposed to a more traditional principal, assistant principal. In addition, we have a “partnership” where teachers meet to discuss and take action for the school.

Lead Partners


I have been in education for 12 years. As Associate Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning, at DU I oversaw the dynamic partnerships between DU and Denver Public Schools. I attained my B.A. in Human Development and Race Relations from Pennsylvania State University. I also completed a secondary teacher's Certification and M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction in the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver. At the heart of my educational philosophy is the strong belief that students will learn best by "doing"—but not merely doing for the sake of experience, rather I believe that students have a hunger to learn while working to solve problems-problems that matter to them. I believe DGS will provide such relevancy and engagement, and students will be more connected and have huge stake in education and world in which we live.  I believe that it is vital to engage teachers and students in the relevant learning that works to solve community problems. Call it service-learning, call it civic engagement, I call it my life's work. I firmly believe we are creating a model that will have positive impacts on a national scale.

Contact Frank at frank_coyne@denvergreenschool.org


I started my career as special educator at Rishel Middle School in southwest Denver. From there I went on to become an instructional coach, assistant principal, and most recently co-lead the DPS Peer Observer Team as part of the our teacher growth and evaluation system. Personally, I am a Denver native raising two wonderful kids with a very patient husband. I love the Colorado outdoors and am proud to join a community that shares my enthusiasm for stewardship and sustainability.  Some of my other passions include cooking, running, CrossFit, gardening, and comedy. I have been cheering on the DGS team since the school was in the planning phase and am beyond excited to finally become a part of this extraordinary community. I very much am looking forward to getting to know your students and each of you on our journey together. 

Contact Prudence at  prudence_daniels@denvergreenschool.org


I am a Cuban-Mexican educator with a passionate interest in what education means for the 21st century learner. As a Cuban-Mexican, I share a love of diversity and have a deep respect for the challenge of learning a language. Spanish is my native language. Through my coursework, as I attained a Masters Degree in Classical studies, I have also studied Latin and Ancient Greek. It is clear to me that language and diversity both involve getting close and personal to effectively translate those concepts into good learning. As an educator, I am new to my field. I worked in the non-profit sector helping families through various education programs. Eventually, I returned to school. I earned a license to teach and began working as a middle school teacher. The age group for me demonstrates an amazing talent for curiosity as they explore the world through a unique blend of youthful play and adult-like intellectual maturity. It is a privilege to work with this age group, and a source of constant joy. As someone concerned with learning in the 21st century, I sense a dramatic change in the world around us. It is evident to most that a digital age filled with new attitudes about the world has emerged. Tomorrow's leaders will require a tool set for success that relies on critical thinking skills, an ability to connect their local world to the global landscape and a love for constant learning as the world around them changes. I can't think of anything more exciting than joining students as they tackle this work or a more perfect location for the work. Go DGS!

Contact Jose at jose_piza@denvergreenschool.org



I have been teaching since 2006.  I joined the Denver Green School staff in their 2nd year and in 2014 joined the DGS Partnership.  I am originally from the midwest and attended Purdue University for my undergraduate degree.  I received my Master's degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver.  I enjoy spending my free time hiking, biking, reading, weightlifting, practicing yoga, crafting, and spending time with my husband Corey, daughter Harper, and son Hayden 


Talk about a charmed life: I am a founding partner at the best school in Denver! The students, families, staff and community at Denver Green School are absolutely incredible. How did I get to be a math teacher in such an ideal environment? After bouncing around the country as a boy (Illinois, Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio), I settled into the Denver area when I was 10 years old. I wanted to be a schoolteacher from an early age, and I studied at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) with that goal in mind. After internships in Kansas City, I took a detour all the way to Strasbourg, France, where I spent nearly three years teaching English. It was there that I learned French and Spanish and broadened my understanding of other cultures. Eventually, I returned to Denver, and I've been teaching in DPS ever since. DGS is a school that does so much more than teaching the basics. We created this school because we wanted to show that a great school could prepare students for a bright future and empower them to create it. Besides teaching middle school math, you'll find me cooking a great meal at home, working in the garden, out riding my bike, or planning a trip back to France.


I was born close to the Pacific coast in Oxnard, California but have spent the majority of my life in the Southwest and feel a strong connection to the land.  I studied English Literature and Art History at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX.  One of my earliest educational memories is sitting down and listening to my sister read Richard Scarry books and Little Golden Books to me while we sat on the couch.  It was so joyful and fun and instilled in me a true love for reading.  And then there is Dr. Murrell, my 9thgrade Latin teacher.  He challenged his students to be critical thinkers, to question everything, and to take hold of one’s own learning for the pure sake of cultivating knowledge and wisdom.  I keep these and other experiences in mind as I step into the classroom and greet the growing minds and smiles of children.  I have been an early childhood and early primary teacher for ten years and strive to instill a passion for learning in my students that they can carry with them inside and outside of the classroom. I believe that Denver Green School is an amazing place that embraces many philosophies that I hold dear as an educator and as a citizen of the world.  I am exuberant to be part of a collective that prioritizes the interconnectedness of living systems and promotes responsible citizenship in regard to our environment and community. If I am not at DGS, you may find me hiking, camping, riding bikes with my awesome wife, playing records loudly, or romping with our dogs. 


  I grew up on the east coast and earned my BA in Human Development and Spanish at Boston College. After a summer of bicycling across the country to raise money for affordable housing, I pursued my interest in social justice by taking on a year of service with AmeriCorps VISTA in San Francisco.  A year of inspiring early childhood education work with the non-profit Jumpstart was enough to set my sights on being in the classroom full-time, and I accepted a position as a support teacher at Marin Country Day School. During my time at MCDS, I completed a MA in Teaching at the University of San Francisco. I am thrilled to be a part of the DGS community, a place where I can encourage young students to invite challenges, to change our world for the better, and to be creative and motivated problem solvers. I also enjoy spending time outside: kayaking, hiking, camping and skiing. I love to cook, swing and tap dance, and play the ukulele and guitar.


I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I finished my masters in Secondary Education from The University of New Mexico in 2011 and completed a masters as Education Specialist in 2017.  The 2017-2018 school year marks the 10th year in my teaching career!  My passion for education was ignited through my work and experience in summer camps in Colorado and New Mexico.  But my passion for math has always existed.  I love teaching math because, more than anything, I see math as the method for understanding the world around us. DGS provides a unique opportunity to blend the study of mathematics and environmental education which is what most excites me about being a teacher at DGS.  In my spare time I enjoy traveling, kayaking, hiking, playing hockey and, of course, watching South Park.


As a Colorado native, I grew up playing outside and learning how to take care of my surroundings. After attending CU Boulder for a psychology degree and an elementary education certification (and for more outdoor play time), I decided to utilize my Spanish skills to teach in a bilingual 2nd grade classroom and adored fostering development in kids who were learning two languages simultaneously. It was my honor to be an advocate for Spanish-speaking families and to watch kids blossom as I received a certification to teach children learning a second language. I then taught in Englewood for three years and decided I wanted to return to DPS to focus on language development. I am thrilled to be at Denver Green school, where I can simultaneously teach ideals of sustainability in our beautiful state and utilize my passion for teaching English Language Learners every day. Go Dragons!