Mission and Vision

Mission: In partnership with our diverse urban community, Denver Green School will provide a hands-on, brains-on experience that includes all students, staff, families and community, preparing all learners to lead the way toward a sustainable, bright green future.

Vision: As a national beacon for real-world learning, the Denver Green School strives to integrate a flexible student-driven approach to curriculum and instruction, where diverse learners of all ages: 

● Achieve at a high level academically; 
● Partner with their teachers to engage in relevant, student-directed learning; 
● Build leadership capacity by embracing a democratic decision-making model; 
● Use service-learning as a way to become community stewards; 
● Create mind-body connections as well as community connections; and
● Use our school building and our neighborhood as laboratories for the study and implementation of carbon footprint reduction and sustainable living.

DGS Core Values


DGS involves students, parents, teachers and the community to support student learning to build a school that is a hub for the community. We firmly believe that students will learn best when engaged with the community and when the community is invested in student learning- ensuring that we are all achieving at the highest level.


DGS supports every student in our community and creates a learning environment in which ALL of our diverse learners can achieve their highest potential. We believe that ALL students have the capability to learn at a high level and we encourage them to live up to their potential.


DGS believes that students learn best when they are engaged in a student-centered, standards-based curriculum which emphasizes hand-on, brains-on project-based learning. We are a dynamic staff and we seek to create a dynamic engaging learning environment.

High Expectations

DGS staff and students hold the highest expectations for their own achievement and believe in the power of their community. We align curriculum, instruction and assessments as an accountability tool for continuous learning as we prepare our students for college.

Shared Leadership

DGS is committed to a vision of shared leadership that is collaborative and courageous. DGS is led by a team of highly qualified partners who engage all community stakeholders in the decision making process. We look forward to engaging parents and community partners in this process.


DGS students are enthusiastic learners because they use knowledge to solve real-world problems in their own communities. We believe that students have the power to solve problems now and that relevance in their learning will prepare them to be the leaders of the future.


DGS takes ownership and responsibility for improving our natural, built and social environment. We engage learners to address real-world problems and achieve sustainable solutions for our school and our community.

Dragon Traits

In addition to the DGS mission and values, there are several dragon traits that are important in the community. Each week, students are recognized by teachers and peers for showing a dragon trait. This way, students receive the credit they deserve when they help create a safe, healthy, and happy DGS community.

CuriosityDGS students ask questions and want to expand their knowledge of a topic. They have a desire to know more about what they are learning or learn something new.

ResourcefulnessDGS students appropriately use the resources available, such as other students, their teachers, the internet, and other various resources throughout the classroom.

Courage DGS students try new things in class (or on excursions), they are not afraid to raise their hand even if they may not have the correct answer, they stand up to others when they are able to do activities that may frighten them at first.

Self-Discipline DGS students are able to put learning first, they do not let a disruption in class stop them from learning, they make up the work that they miss when they are absent, and if they need help in class they ask the teacher.

CitizenshipDGS students are positively contributing to their community to make it better. They are a member of the community and they help others academically and they always walk into class with a smile and the intention to pick other people up.

GritDGS students are able to persevere when their work is challenging or something is giving them trouble, whether it is a home or at school. They try their best on all of their work including long tests, like PARCC, and they have strength of character.

At DGS we see these characteristics in our students and show them by recognizing them at Friday meetings. We switch off between teacher nominations and student nominations each week. Teacher nominations are when a student’s teacher recognizes a students that they think shows the dragon trait of the week and explains how the student shows the trait./ Student nominations are a chance for students to recognize their peers, they submit an online form that asks who they are nominating and why. Student council picks and shares out the student nominations and explains why the student has shown the trait from what their peer said.