Our Curriculum

How is the DGS curriculum design unique?

DGS is a Neighborhood Innovation School—meaning we implement our own unique program design, approved through a rigorous process by the Denver School Board. Our emphasis on project-based learning allows teachers and students to engage in relevant, self-directed, teacher-facilitated learning. One of the main differences is that we use a different research based curriculum for Math and Reading, allowing teachers more flexibility in planning and students to be more engaged.

Your child will benefit from:

High expectations

DGS staff and students hold the highest expectations for their own achievement. We believe that when we align curriculum, instruction and assessments while holding ourselves accountable to high standards, we will be preparing our students for success on a path to college.

Small School Environment

We have two classrooms per grade level (with an average size of 26 students per class).

  • 2013- ECE, K,1,2,3,4,5,6th,7th,8th (550)

Determination to be Green

In our classrooms, in our curriculum and in our school building, we strive to be GREEN. We believe that green must mean a focus on the whole student and the whole community living sustainably. And of course, at the heart of that belief, we focus on carbon footprint reduction and a focus on environmental and social sustainability as we prepare out students for the careers of the 21st Century.

Project Based Learning

Students will partner with their teachers to engage in relevant, student directed/teacher facilitated learning.

Check out some current projects on our classroom blogs.

Online Portfolio Assessment

Students will demonstrate their learning of relevant, 21st century skills and the exceeding state standards by submitting their work to their teacher to be displayed on an online portfolio.

Service Learning

We will partner with local experts like Earth Force and the Cloud Institute and use our building/neighborhood as laboratories for the study and implementation of carbon footprint reduction and sustainable living.

Click here to learn more about the Cloud Institute and Education for Sustainability.

Longer School Day

Our School Day is from 8:00-3:45, except on Fridays when we have early release at 12:45. (We have enrichment classes on Friday afternoons). Our school day is 45 minutes longer than the traditional DPS School Day, allowing for us to include our morning movement and service-learning.

Special Education

We strive to educate every child. DGS works to educate students with learning differences by providing a comprehensive Special Education Program that addresses each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) while creating a flexible learning environment to allow all students access to DGS’ unique programs and opportunities.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

We provide ILPs for every DGS student to assure a focus on high achievement by addressing the needs of the whole student.

DGS as Community School

At DGS we strive to work together with many partners to offer a range of supports and opportunities to children, youth, families and community.

Helpful Links

Education for Sustainability will be embedded with the Colorado State Standards throughout our curriculum.