2018 DGS Fall Fun Run!

All donations are due October 31st!

Click below to make a donation for your student!

Kinder Fun Run 2018.jpg

It's that time of year!

Fundraising Incentives


Individual Incentives

All monies raised will contribute towards our school-wide fundraising goal and go directly to our classroom teachers! Every dollar counts.

$ raised                     incentive

$1                                  lanyard

$10                                water bottle

$30                                dunk tank/pie                                             your teacher                                      (weather dependent)

$50                              hamster ball race

hamster ball race.jpg

Class Incentives

Classes that raise $1,000 will earn a class movie and ice cream day!

Classes where every student brings in at least $1 will earn extra recess!

The class that raises the most money will get to have the Summit Leader plaque in their room to show off!

Activity Incentives

The Top 10 earners in the school will take an excursion to play Laser Tag! 

Dunk Tank will be weather dependent, but is available for every student who earns $30+. 

Students who raise $50+ will get to race in the over-sized Hamster Balls! 

Fun Run 2018.jpg