2018 DGS Fun Run!


It is that time of year!

Denver Green School is hosting a fundraising Fun Run on Thursday, May 3rd!

This year's DGS Fun Run will be inspired by the awe-inspiring 14,000' mountains, also known as the Colorado 14ers.

Every DGS student will be training throughout the month of April to prepare for their awesome, fitness-first obstacle course for the May 3rd event. In doing so, they will be earning their bracelets through fundraising efforts to show off the hard work they have done. 

In addition to the "Tough Mudder"-inspired obstacle course, there will also be a dunk tank for earners to take the opportunity to dunk their teachers, along with a 20-foot rock wall to put their 14'er training to the test!

Every student will be able to participate in the heart-pumping obstacle course, but check below for the extra special incentives like the rock wall and dunk tank!

The May 3rd event will take place during school!

Fundraising Incentives


Bracelet Incentives

Every dollar a student raises, represents one 14,000 ft peak that they have climbed.  When a student has “climbed” all of the peaks in a range, they have conquered that range and earn a bracelet that represents their fundraising effort.

Ten Mile Range     =       $1

Mosquito Range      =      $5

Front Range         =         $6

Elk Mountains     =          $7

Sangre de Cristo     =        $10

San Juan Mountains      =      $14

Sawatch Range     =        $15

All Ranges     =        $58

All Ranges + Keep Climbing!      $116

Activity Incentives

Students earn an exciting trip up the rock wall for every $58 they raise. ($58=1 trip up and down the wall, $116=2 trips up and down

The top 5 earners in the school will go on a special excursion with Ms. Harkins and Ms. Miller!

Photo by bmcent1/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by bmcent1/iStock / Getty Images

Class Incentives

Classes that average $34/ kid will earn a class pizza party!

Classes that average $58/ kid will earn an ice cream social!

Photo by Nadore/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Nadore/iStock / Getty Images

All donations are due May 18th!

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